‘Free’ Bitcoin

There are ways in which to accumulate bitcoin at no extra cost.  Most often it is generating another an alt coin, but these can usually easily be sold/converted to bitcoin.

There are a variety of reasons this is done and some of the more interesting methods are:

Presearch – a decentralised internet search engine powered by the community.  It’s the same as using Google but with more options and you get rewarded each time you search.

Bit.Tube – a decentralised video streaming platform where content creators and viewers are rewarded with an alt coin.  Competing with YouTube using a censorship and ad free platform.

Airdrops – this is when you will be given (airdropped) a new crypto asset simply because you own a certain one.  This can be done at a ratio of 1:1 but does vary. Most airdrops do not hold much value, if any, but some have gone onto being great successes.

HoneyMiner – the mining for new crypto assets can be done via joining a mining pool and only mining with your existing equipment when your computer would usually be switched on.  You will need an above average specification computer to do this, gaming PCs can work quite well. Ideal if you’re not paying for the electricity bill.

Hard Fork – this is when the code of an existing crypto asset is changed with new rules.  The original blockchain continues and a new crypto asset following different code/rules forks off.  Owners of the original coin now have the same amount of both crypto assets. There are examples of this creating worthless and valuable crypto assets and it can be repeated indefinitely due to the open source, decentralised nature of the code.

Earn it – you could accept payments/donations/ad revenue in bitcoin for non bitcoin related work or publishing useful content online via Youtube or Steemit.

Retailers – you could accept bitcoin as payment for goods and instantly convert it to FIAT.  You could choose to not convert the small % that you have saved on normal card issuer fee costs and see how much you can accumulate.

Affiliate/referral links – often you can refer products & services that you are happy to recommend to others and both parties can benefit. Be aware that multi-level marketing/ponzi scams are proliferated by the use of referrals so always be on guard.  Any referral links on Dragon Bitcoin are from trusted providers who we are happy to recommend but always do your own research.

Always be skeptical and do your own research on anything offering free bitcoin or alt coins, it is always good to cross reference them with known scams.