The Bitcoin world is incredibly fast moving.  Due to it operating 24-7 / 365 days a year and the fast pace of technical development means that news stories are constantly coming out from a variety of sources.

We must draw your attention to coverage that comes from mainstream media.  More often that not this coverage is biased against Bitcoin, often concentrating on any perceived negatives whilst rarely covering any positives and potentials.  It is often not the media that is creating the negative portrayal but they are used as mouthpieces by other parties such as banks and governments to portray it in a negative light whilst at the same time not having the critical thinking to challenge these parties or incentive to do so.  

Never forget that mainstream media has been used to announce the death of Bitcoin more than 300 times already.

There are cryptocurrency specific news outlets that are worth monitoring that deliver much more relevant content than mainstream media.  Here you will find more positive coverage of Bitcoin, however some of the outlets and their reporters are invested in the ecosystem already and there are notable cases of bias but directed more at specific crypto assets rather than the industry.  

You can also load RSS feeds onto your browser removing the need to keep checking the websites and we recommend:

It can also be worth setting up Google Alerts where you can select the frequency and topics of news items to be emailed directly to you.

We recommend never getting news and opinion from or @bitcoin due to their misleading nature.