Interesting Articles

You can find some great articles online to help you learn more about Bitcoin and get different viewpoints. Some of the best we have found so far are below and we will keep on adding more as we find them so please send any articles you have found particularly helpful:

Proof of Life – Why Bitcoin is a Living Organism
Gigi07/08/19 (10 min read)

Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism (Mycelium)
Brandon Quittem11/12/18 (13 min read)

Planting Bitcoin – Sound Money (sanum pecuniam)
Dan Held31/10/18 (35 min read)

Why tokenization is still a chimera
Andrea Bianconi03/08/18 (7 min read)

Why We Need Open Source Now More Than Ever
Daniel Jeffries29/07/18 (17 min read)

Why Blockchain is Hard
Jimmy Song14/05/18 (10 min read)

The Key to Bitcoin Adoption in Third World Countries
Janey – 21/04/18 (7min read)

The Future of ICOs and the Potential of Securities Token Offerings
Andrea Bianconi – 14/04/18 (11 min read)

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin
Vijay Boyapati02/03/18 (41 min read)

Speculative Bitcoin Adoption/Price Theory
Michael B. Casey – 28/12/16 (10 min read)

On Monetary Restandardization
Mencius Moldbug – 21/04/11 (20 min read)

Shelling Out: The Origins of Money

Nick Szabo – 2002 (20 min read)